Inclusion Forums - Who Can Help?

This Page is "Work in Progress" Please keep checking as we add links to help you navigate through the range of services available

How to use these links:

Follow a two stage process:

1. What are the child's needs?

Follow the Link to access our information about needs identification and testing for children and young people

2.  Who might be able to help us to meet these needs in school?

Use our growing links to Leicestershire County Council services, NHS, Voluntary Agencies and Private Providers to find support.

The Young Person's needs may be related to physical or mental health issues


An on-line counselling service that provides vulnerable young people, who have emotional or mental health problems, with support. It is self referring 

Wellbeing Practitioners

The CFWS offer  trained practioners to help with low level common mental health difficulties

Help during the Covid 19 crisis

Mental Health Support provided by CFWS

List of  services that offer on line or telephone support

Care Navigators

Working for the NHS in localities, the Care Navigators can help you locate servives that are needed to support a child with medical needs, including mental health issues

Medical Needs Guidance

There is DFE Guidance available on the duties of schools and the ways to plan provision 

NHS Mental Health Services - Covid 19

A complete list of GP and Health Care Services for mental health provision - especially arising from the Covid 19 crisis

Other Mental and Physical Health services

There are two directories of services that Leicestershire have published. This will link you to the them

CAMHS - early referral and Triage

Children and Young People’s Mental and Emotional Health Triage and Navigation Service

Young Minds

Training, advice and resources for Schools, support for parents and young people provided by this national charity

NHS Mental wellbeing support for children and young people

Web site linking in to the NHS mental wellbeing support for children and young people

Health for Teens - NHS website for teens

This is designed to be accessed by young people

Traumatic Experiences -ideas for supporting children

This US source has a wealth of practical ideas for supporting children - particularly in the younger age group

Self harm in young people: for parents and carers

Information and advice from the Royal College of Psychiatrist for parents/carers re self harm - including further web links

The young person may have Special Educational Needs that are emerging and may not yet be fully recognised.

SEND Support Handbook

LCC extensive handbook describes everything you need to know about indentification of need and access to additional support

SEIP SEND advice

Our own advice to schools about what they should do and how to implement effective actions

Dyslexia Services

Follow the links to get support for a learner who you think may have needs arising from dyslexia or dyscalculia

SENA Criteria

Is the school using the SEN Criteria to think through what it needs to do to support the child

LCC Learning Support Team

Details of the LCC Learning Support Team offer - including free services to schools

ADHD Solutions

ADHD Solutions are a Leicester based Charity who work with schools and families

The young person may need support for his or her family.

Early Help - family support issues - Children and Families Wellbeing Service. 

The Inclusion Team at LCC offers support for Home Ed, behaviour support, medical needs, post 16 careers advice

CFWS contacts

Structure Chart showing who's who in the service. Warning - its always changing - this version is dated 09.19

Fun and Families (CFF)

A charity providing support and training for parents or for those working with them.  "Living with Teenagers" is one example

LCC Information and Support Directory

From Scouts to Football Clubs, from Child care to Age Concern, a huge list of services that might be relevant to developing a support plan for a child

LCC Inclusion Team web site

The Inclusion Team attend IFs. This is their web site with further links

The young person may be concerned about issues such as on line abuse, family concerns, peer group pressure


Website and phone line

0800 1111


A source of support for on line issues - resources and advice for indiviudal young people, families and schools

The School is seeking additional resources and ideas to develop its Inclusive Practice

Think for the Future

Behaviour and Resillience Mentoring for groups of young people