STOP PRESS - COVID 19 Links - News about CAMHS

Summary of what is available to schools this year and next

published by the Confederation of Schools' Trusts

GCSE Guidance for 2021

Sets out the arrangements in detail for awarding GCSE quals this summer

Ofqual Statement on arrangements in 2021

Sets out the basics and is addressed to students and their parents

What issues do we need to sort out

as SEIPS prepare for awarding grades to students in 2021

Voc Quals 2021

Sets out arrangements for BTECs and similar. Sets out Functional Skills arrangements

National Testing Programme Schools and Colleges Handbook

Simple guidance on what you need to do to implement the testing regime

Local Arrangements with schools for Covid Testing of AP staff

The current list of schools and APs

DFE Free School Meals Guidance

Updated Jan 2021

DFE Guidance on attendance following the Jan lockdown decision

Complete guidance for schools and colleges

DFE Guidance on children of critical care workers andn the vulnerable

CDFE Guidance on who should be attending schools

How should SEIPS record attendance?

Simple guidance on what you need to do during this period of closure.

Synchronous on line learning Policy

The SEIPS shared policy for on line learning as we work towards student tecaher live on line contact

Safeguarding when on line

Guidance for safe working practices when working with students on line published by the Safer Recruitment Consortium

Step by Step Guide

How to go about applying for laptops and IT connectivity for students from the DFE

Covid 19 Help and Advice for staff and students

Our Inclusion Forum Page has a range of links to support services and agencies.  Click here to navigate to the page

You have a student who might be infectious!

A Flow chart for you to follow so that you do everything correctly

The document we designed to use with APs

to help work out the balance between on line, home based and attending provision

Catch Up Premium

Schools will receive small amounts to help with any catch work they do for students affected by Covid.  SEIPS should ask for this money with the Average Pupil cost. See the DFE Guidance


What information will we collect?

What data will we use to report on our impact during the Covid 19 Closure.  See the second part of the document.

Draft Transport Procedure

Advice for Partnerships about transport students to AP

Links and Resources and IT advice

Our collection of resources for Teachers especially to support on line learning

Links and Resources for students and their families

Our collection of resources for students during the school closure period.

DFE Behaviour Check List

Advice to school leaders about preparing for the return of students after the Covid Break

CAMHS launches a Children's Triage and Navigation Service

Schools can use the referral form to seek support from CAMHS directly.  Details of the CAMHS offer and the referral form are here and are also on the Inclusion Forums web page.