Partnership Staff - Accountability 

Leicestershire Secondary Schools, Academies and Colleges share a commitment to avoiding the use of Permanent Exclusion. Therefore all students whose needs are met in part or in full by the Partnerships remain on a school roll.  The school retains its responsibility and accountability for those students who remain on the roll. 

Schools therefore need to be reassured that the Partnerships are performing well.

There are two ways in which accountability is secured:

1.  Through the local groupings of Headteachers who have arrangements for overseeing their own Partnership

2. Through the collective accountability structure led by Leicestershire County Council.  An "Executive Steering Group" (ESG) meets termly and receives reports on the progress made and outcomes achieved by the Partnerships. More background on these arrangements can be found in the Schools and Colleges Pages in this web site.

This Page gives access to:

1.  Recent Reports of the Partnerships tabled at ESG meetings

2.  Background data that forms the basis of Partnerships Reports

Partnership Annual Report for 19-20

Published for the Dec 2019 ESG Meeting

Partnership Summer Term Report 20

Published for the March 2020 ESG Meeting

Partnership Autumn Term Report 20

Published for the Dec 2020 ESG Meeting

Background Data Dec 20

Published for the Dec 2020 ESG Meeting

Finance Data

Published for the Dec 2020 ESG Meeting



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