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Partnership Staff - Forms, Templates 

Here you will find the documents, forms , templates that partnerships have designed and used either individually or collectively to assist with the management of their work. Most of these documents are downloaded as "Word" documents so that Partnerships can edit them as needed.

Risk Assessment Form

Schools and Partnerships may need to carry out a risk assessment for individual students

Navigate to the following web pages for more information:

Privacy Notice

Your Parental consent form needs to include this to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations

Joint SEIPS Referral Form

This replaces the separate form for Inclusion Forums.  All referrals across the Partnerships will now use the standard form.  This version is downloadable by schools.  Partnerships should not edit the form without agreement from all  SEIPS. The form now directs schools to complete a McSherry Doyle assessment.

Co-ordinators Self Evaluation

A document to advise co-ordinators on what they should include in self evaluations and what evidence they should use to support their judgements

Co-ordinators Self Evaluation RAG

The spreadsheet we are trialling to aid evaluation.

Egress Guidance

How to use the secure email system, Egress, recommended by the LA

The Partnership Register

Under Review

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