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School and Partnership Staff - Exclusions and Suspensions

The existence of the Partnerships and the offer they make to students (when their school place is at risk) mean that in most cases a school will not need to use Permanent Exclusion


We know that Permanent Exclusion damages the life chances of affected students, may in itself be a traumatic experience for the child and can consume time and energy better used in other ways.  We also understand that there are times when a school leader has to move swiftly to solve an issue that may be putting a student and all the other students and staff he or she has contact with at risk.

Exclusions and Suspensions

Leicestershire does not have a Pupil Referral Unit for Secondary Pupils.  An excluded child will be placed on roll at another local school within the local Partnership. The Partnership Team will normally provide an education programme for the child out of school.

Please note arrangements for schools in NW Leicestershire are different.  Contact should be made with the County Inclusion Team

Considering a Permanent Exclusion

We strongly advise that you talk over options and ways forward with your Chair of Partnership as a first step. 

Partnership Offer

A summary of the offer available from each local Partnership as agreed in July 23.

DFE Guidance and Regulations

Access to all statutory guidance and  advice related to exclusions and suspensions

Partnership Advice

What are the steps that Chairs and Coordinators will take when they hear of a possible exclusion

City Address Pupils

Here are the documents that you may need to explore what is available for city address students at the point of exclusion

What does it cost a school to exclude?

A series of FAQs about exclusions and the Partnerships is here

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