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Schools and Colleges - Making a Referral to an Inclusion Forum or Partnership Core Group / Panel

Partnership Referral and Commissioning Form - Revised  for 23 -24 -  Replaces all local versions. 

NB Referrals can only be made by authorised staff from the referred child's school.

There is now one standard form for student referrals for Inclusion Forums, Panels , Core Groups and following a Permanent Exclusion. Incomplete R&C forms will be accepted for Inclusion Forums (answer questions in bold). Incomplete forms cannot be accepted for referrals for Partnership support nor following a Permanent Exclusion.

This page links to the form, provides guidance on how to complete it and gives access to other forms that may need to be submitted at the same time

The SEIPS Referral and Commissioning Form

Version 1: Downloadable.  Submit via  secure email to your local Partnership


Download McSherry Doyle

Reintegration Readiness Scale

We ask you to submit this with your Referral and Commissioning Form


"Click on "Enable Editing" once you have downloaded the form.  Form updated Aug 23

Version 2: Web based. 

Click on your local Partnership link to complete the form on line and submit automatically

Filling in the form - Advice

We strongly recommend reviewing these three documents before completing a referral

Advice on filling out the Referral Form and how to submit it once completed

Our continuum of support.  Thresholds for levels of intervention.  Where does the student you are referring fall?

What sort of intervention can we expect Mainstream schools to make?  What should be the expectations of support at higher levels of need?

Using the McSherry Doyle Readiness for Reintegration Scale - an introduction

How might you use the information revealed by the McSherry Doyle in planning provsion in school for a pupil? Use this rich collection of strategies in your planning.

What are the different circumstances in school where a McSheery Doyle assessment might be useful?

Other forms and documents that you may need to submit with a referral form


Please note that LNCIP asks that schools submit a Purchase Order when they submit a R & C form for full or part time Programme Management.

A template for schools and Partnerships to use when seeking Parents' consent to a Referral.  Consent is not needed for an anonymous referral to an Inclusion Forum but is essential for all other Referrals.

A template for schools and Partnerships to use when seeking Parents' consent to a Referral for Programme Management. and to confirm subsequent arrangements

Use this document to inform parents about the use that might be made of the information they are consenting to share.

Use where a school or Partnership has concerns that a students' behaviour may be risk for staff, other students or the safe operation of a provision or a means of transport 

Extract from the Referral and Commissioning Form.  If you refer to a Partnership this sets out the nauire of the commissioning arranegemtns between school and SEIP

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