Fair Access Protocol - FAQs

Question 1: What are the key steps when a Co-ordinator receives a Fair Access Referral?

1. When you receive a referral from School Admissions, check that the child really meets the Fair Access Criteria.  Look at page three of the document.  Look at the Flow Charts at the end. If in doubt contact AS.

2. If "Yes" the Co-ordinator is responsible for the child until he or she is on roll at a school. Make certain that the school has put the child on roll before ending your focus on the case. 

3. Move quickly to get the case discussed at your Panel so that schools can agree who will take the child on roll. You are advised to ensure that you do this at your panel meetings or similar meetings when all schools have been invited to attend.  A decision taken without all schools having the opportunity to contribute will not be enforceable. (The decision to allocate the child to a school can be taken if the school is absent from the panel provided the school has been notified of the meeting.)

4.  Make sure that the selected school is informed of the decision as soon as it is taken.

5.  Make sure the School Admissions Team are informed of the decision as soon as it is taken.

5.  Check with the school and School Admissions Team that the child is on roll within a week of the decision.

6.  If the child is not on roll let School Admissions know and ask to be kept informed of the action School Admissions take to follow up the case.

Question 2: Do schools  have to take a student on to their roll if the Partnership asks them to?

The Leicestershire Fair Access Protocol for Secondary Schools has been locally agreed and reviewed regularly in line with DFE Regulations.  The FAP gives the power over fair Access Admissions to each local Partnership. Schools collectively, working through their local partnership group meetings can therefore decide which local school should admit a Fair Access child. Partnerships aim to ensure that schools all take their fair share of the extra admissions arising from Fair Access.

Question 3:  Are Permanently excluded children entitled to be admitted to a school under the rules of Fair Access?

The short answer is "Yes".  Children who live in the locality of a Partnership, do not have a school place and meet the criteria set out in the Fair Access Protocol are entitled to a school place and should be placed on a roll swiftly.  A school who receives a FAP student with a background that includes recent exclusions will make a referral to the local partnership for partnership support up to and including "Programme Management".  This means that a school may have to take the child on roll but the responsibility for providing education will be with the Partnership.