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Mental Health

This Guide to services is designed to help professionals identify the right pathway to access for different levels of need

Mental Health

Easily accessed training, advice and resources for Schools, support for parents and young people provided by this national charity. The Charity campaigns as well for better mental health provision for young people.

Mental Health

An online mental health and well being community for young people that they can use safely an anonymously

Mental and Physical Health

Designed for direct access by young people. The web site encourages access to local services as well as providing advice across a whole range of mental and physical health issues for teenagers

Mental Health - Trauma

This is a US based web site  - linked to the tv Sesame Street - with a wealth of resources for supporting children who have experienced trauma, especially those in younger age groups

Self Harm

Prepared for young people and their parents this information is useful and there are links to other resources.

Abuse, Bullying, harassment

Well known phone line and web site for young people 0800111. the web site has resources, links and activities

On Line Safety

Wide range of resources to help support young peoplke, their families and schools with issues about being safe on line

Wellbeing and Engagement

A comprehensive list of local groups, agencies, services and charities that offer support to children, young people and their families.  A good starting point if working to help build a child's engagment in out of sdchool activities

Wellbeing and engagement

Offer packages of mentor support that schools can purchase to support vulnerable pupils


Leicestershire Special Needs Assessment Service handbook is on line and contains advice on SEND as well as all the information schools need for setting about the process of formal assessment

SEND, Dyslexia Dyscalcula

Leicestershire's specialist service offering support to schools and their pupils 

SEND, Family Support

Family support

Offering counselling services for children, young people, families and relationships, mediation, therapy and courses. 0115 254 3011

Family Support

Well know for the "Living with Teenagers" courses they run and train others to run, they have a web site that sets out their offer.


A specialist charity operating from Leicester City. Resources, advice, provision for young people etc are part of the offer

ASD Autism Spectrum

A Leicestershire CC interactive resourse especially for parents who may have concerns about their child related to ASD

Support for Schools

A route in to the range of services such as the Educational Psychologists' offer, specialist teaching service and all the other services that schools can buy in  

Support for Schools

A source of training, advice and resources especially around developing wellbeing and mentally and physically healthy children and young people and staff

Support for Schools

Samaritans supports schools, college communities and other youth settings across the UK and Republic of Ireland through our postvention services, lesson plans and school talks.

Information Sharing

Sharing non urgent information with the police and between agencies about any crime related matters.

Need a paper copy of this list of contacts - Click here

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