Partnership Staff - Part'p Agreement and Finance 

This Page is in two sections:

1. The Partnership Agreement and information related to it

2. Financial Information - LCC Grant, advice on reclaiming from schools and other financial information 

The Partnership Agreement underpins the work of the Partnerships

The Partnership Agreement is a commissioning document negotiated between the schools and Leicestershire Local Authority.  The Agreement is signed by LCC and each Partnership Fund Holding School (usually the Chair's school).

Local Schools sign the Memorandum of Understanding indicating their commitment to the Partnership arrangements in their locality.

Current Partnership Agreement and MOU

vailid until July 2021

Plan for negotiating the new agreement due to commence in July 2021

Financial Arrangements for the Partnerships

The Partnerships receive a grant from the Local Authority funded from the High Needs Block.  Payments are made each term on the first day of term to each of the five fund holding schools.

The average pupil cost is the basis of the charge we make to

schools for Programme Managed students.  The figure is here:

The level of funding can be found here:

Details of How the funding works are set out in the document SEIPS Funding Questions