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Partnership Staff - Partnership Agreement 

The Partnership Agreement underpins the work of the Partnerships

The Partnership Agreement is a commissioning document negotiated between the schools and Leicestershire Local Authority.  The Agreement is signed by LCC and each Partnership Fund Holding School (usually the Chair's school).

Local Schools sign the Memorandum of Understanding indicating their commitment to the Partnership arrangements in their locality.

 Partnership Agreement and MOU

valid from July 2021

Implementing the Agreement

The Local Authority is particularly  concerned to ensure that:

1. Partnerships set budgets and use the monthly financial reporting system as set out in the agreement

2. Partnerships understand that any carry forward surpluses will be considered at the December meeting of the County

Governance Board and that the Board is required to authorise any carry forwards in excess of 5 %.

3. Heads in all the Partnership Schools are invited to a termly Local Governance Board which reports to the County Board/

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