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Partnership and School Staff - Inclusion Forums

Find what you need to help you engage with Inclusion Forums to support individual students by following the links on this page.



LCC Inclusion Forum Protocol

The County Council's "terms of Reference" that describe the goals and arrangements for Inclusion Forums, developed by the County Inclusion Team

Meeting Dates  23-24

All Secondary Inclusion Forum Dates are listed here

Standard Secondary Referral and Commissioning Form

All Partnerships now use a standard referral form for Inclusion Forums and Panels / Core Groups. This links to our web page with the Referral form and associated guidance and documentation.

What schools can be expected to do to support their pupils

A "continuum" to use as a check list for ensuring that a school has put in place "best endeavours" and "reasonable adjustments" before making a referral to an Inclusion Forum or Partnership Meeting

Advice to Schools - improve your SEND practices and reduce the need to refer.

The "continuum" lists the provisions schools might make to support individual leaners.  Here is advice about the way SENDCO's and their teams might implement these provisions effectively across their school.  The Check List is a summary of the elements of good SEND practice that Co-ordinators can use as "crib sheet" to ensure that schools are not referring students without having made their own best efforts internally to meet need.

What schools can be expected to do to support their pupils who are failing to attend

A check list from LCC Inclusion Team on actions a school should take to secure attedance before making a referral to County Hall for a child that is considered to be missing education

Partnership support for schools working with pupils who are failing to attend or engage

A link to the Partnership offer available in LNCIP, MSCIP and NWLLIP


Who Can Help?

Who are the organisations that can help schools and colleges meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people? We have a developing page of links here.


The Partnership template for running a succesful Inclusion Forum Meeting

A document designed to give Partnerships advice on how to improve the effectiveness of Inclusion Forum Meetings

Notes of the Review Meeting we held in Feb 20 to review progress

A set of next steps that have been held in abeyance because of the lockdown

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