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Alternative Providers - Documents and Links

Safeguarding Policy - a draft policy

This Policy was reviewed by the LCC Safeguarding lead in 2018.  It is designed to help APs work though all this issues they need to cover. Check on the small changes in the 20-21 version by looking at the SEIPS latest template

What's on this page?

  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection documents

  2. Ofsted and regulations concerning APs

  3. Our agreements and procedures with APs


Click on the Link to access information about LCC Safeguarding in Education Courses.

Can you host a bespoke Training Session for your staff and other staff? (Cost £500, maximum numbers 25, you provide venue) If so contact

Guidance for safer working practices for those working with children and young people in education settings

Published by the Safer Recruitment Consortium this document addresses those issues of how staff should respond to young people in their care.  It is very useful in setting out boundaries for staff who are seeking to build warm supportive relationships with their students without weakening safeguarding standards.

LCC Child Protection - web site

Links to the County Council Child Protection Section of their web site

Termly Safeguarding Update from the LA

This newsletter is sent out by Simon Genders and the Safeguarding Team at County Hall to school heads and DSL's to ensure they keep up to date. Latest Issue for end of Summer Term 2020.

Accessing Local Authority Safeguarding Resources 

By registering with Leicestershire County Council Traded Services you should be able to access a range of resources on Safeguarding at no charge.  Use the link to get started

Ofsted - What does the current guidance for Inspectors say about AP's?

This document pulls together the various bits in the Oftsed Framework and Handbook for Inspectors that apply to our work with learners who are out of school

Advice on illegal schools

APs need to take care not to find themsleves operating as a school and needing to register.

Unregistered School Inspection Framework

Ofsted has the power to inspect an AP setting if thye have evidence that it is operating as an illegal school. 

Melton Hub Provider Agreement with commissioners

The Hub has shared with us the document it uses with schools and Partnerships. This ensures that they understand the rules about providers becoming the "substantial provider" of education for a student - which risks the need for registration as a school. 

Terms of our Commissioning agreement with APs

This describes Partnerships' expectations of you and what you can expect from the Partnerships.

Induction Check List for Providers

When a new student arrives we ask that you use this document to ensure that he or she is properly inducted. LEBC may ask to see examples of these check sheets as part of the audit process each year.

LEBC Web Site

Links in to the LEBC web site - LEBC carries out the annual Safeguarding, H&S and Insurance audit on our behalf

Alternative Provision Risk Assessment

Guidelines to help you with the Risk Assessment

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