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During School Year 22-23 some schools undergoing Ofsted Inspections were challenged by Inspection Teams about their arrangements for pupils out of school at alternative settings. Chairs met with the Regional HMI to dicsuss these concerns.  They also had direct feedback from schools recently inspected and further contact with senior HMI. The Partnership recommend that schools follow the advice set out on this page and in linked documents. If you do so you can face Ofsted scrutiny  confidently.    

Best Practice Check List for Schools

  1. A key member of staff who knows the details of all pupils who at alternative settings whether placed by Partnership or school. The staff  member should be able to answer Inspectors' queries and locate any pupil on request.

  2. The Staff should be clear about which pupils fall into the following categories:

    1. Permanently exlcuded from another school and moved onto this school roll as part of the Leicestershire approach.

    2. "At risk of PEx" and on a full time programme out of school.

    3. Short term, possibly part time placement to imporove behaviour.

  3. A clear process for daily attendance checks - and for following up absences in line with practice for all other pupils.

  4. A clear process for ensuring that the Partnership or - where the placement is directed from the school -  the AP can contact the DSL speedily.

  5. A commissioning agreement with the Partnership (This is included in the Referral and Commissioning Form) or with the AP if a direct commission from the school.

  6. Either in the Commssioning Agreement or Education Plan linked to it:

    1. A target end date for the placement,

    2. The date of the next review meeting and evidence from any precious reviews.

  7. Evidence that staff have visited pupils in alternative settings.

  8. An agreed procedure with the Partnership or - if directly commssioning - the AP, should a pupil suspension be needed.

  9. Evidence that the school has paid heed to the 2023 Exclusion Guidance with respect to the power of "Off Site Direction" and has a process that ensures Governors or Trustees have met their duties in this area.

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