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Partnership Staff - PSHE 

Our Goal for PSHE:

PSHE is a priority for our students because it addresses the underlying need that contributes to students vulnerability


We aim to:

  • ensure that we identify the gaps in each student's experience of PSHE that have arisen as a result of their disrupted education and as a result of the different pathways that schools adopt through the PSHE curriculum

  • plan PSHE provision in order to "plug the gaps"

  • assess the progress of our students as they follow their PSHE plan

  • and in time report on this progress collectively in order to monitor and evaluate our PSHE programme

Some Direct Links to PSHE Resources are below.

Links are also embedded in the PSHE Resource Database

The Student Record Sheet:

  • to record what the student knows, understands and can do on arriving with the Partnership

  • plan for the student's course

  • decide who will deliver the course, where and when 

  • record progress

  • allow progress data to be collected and monitored

The PSHE Data Base

our ongoing collection of resources for PSHE teaching

This links to the Prince's Trust Web Site pages for their Personal Development and Employability courses.

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