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Parents and Students - Advice and Support in difficult times

1. Struggling to get a school place for your child in the middle of a school year?  Read our advice on Admissions at the bottom of the page.

2. Need some independent advice and support for your child? Here are three sites we recommended then to parents and students that continue to provide support and advice.

A range of support services and advice providers is also listed on our "Inclusions Forums - Who Can Help" web page.


Please talk to your local Co-ordinator if you need advice on how to support your child

The Children's Society.png

Worried about your son or daughter's wellbeing?

Find some great advice and information from the Children's Society


Cruse is an organisation that helps people who have lost a loved one

Find some readable fact sheets and links to help on this useful site

mind logo2.png

Coping with being at home!

Advice on how to look after your own well being and survive the lock down!

Our own list of support services

The Partnerships run meetings for schools to help them when they need additional support for some students.  These are our Inclusion Forums.  Our list of services and advice agencies that we use at these meetings is here.

The Co-ordinators

Each Partnership has a co-ordinator who oversees the Partnership's work. The Co-ordinator is employed not by one school but by all. He or she may be able to help with advice when things are not going well for a child at school.  Use our contacts to select the right person to speak to.

Getting a school place for my child?

Most children get a school place at the normal admission time. If you have moved or your child needs to move school you may have to get a school place in the middle of the school year.  This guidance tells you about this process.

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