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School and Partnership Staff - City address pupils in county schools 

Information about how schools can access City Of Leicester support for children and young people who are struggling to maintain their places in school can be found here. The Partnerships will advise and support schools in their work with all their pupils up to and including Tier 3 (ie full time programme management).

Click here to download a copy of the City of Leicester Partnership School's Information Passport

Click here to access our Partnership step by step advice for schools working with city address pupils who may be "at risk" 

Click here for the Trading Agreement that County Schools may wish to enter with Leicester Partnership School

Click for additional step by step advice for Coordinators and standard emails

Click here to see the City's flow chart for schools to refer cases to them

Click for advice for city schools with county address children and young people "at risk"

More detailed City advice for schools, step by step

Email contact with City Services - the City appreciates early knowledge of concerns you may have for City address pupils

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